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I entered MindRising 2016 now what?

I entered MindRising 2016 now what?

Before you start

If you are reading this you should have 

  1. Registered for MindRising (
  2. Received an invitation to complete a questionnaire.
  3. Completed the questionnaire and accepted the MindRising Terms & Conditions

The next question you have now is how do I get started.....

Getting Started

One of the things we are learning is that everyone's MindRising journey is unique. We have had teams kick off and start working without any guidance or help from us, they just jumped right in (if that is you, stop reading now and get back to work) otherwise keep reading.

Not just Minecraft

This is not all about Minecraft. MindRising is first and foremost about creative digital storytelling. Therefore for now we suggest forgetting about Minecraft and focussing on the story. Like any good story you need ideas. The question is how do we get some ideas. We are providing lot's of tools and tips to help so here's the first.

Watch the crowd harvesting using Questions & Ideas 

We asked the audience to help our MindRsiers with some ideas, their question was...

Can you help me; I want to enter MindRising and I need some good project ideas?
— MindRising Launch Question

 What came out of the was a wall full of ideas. 3 minutes 120 people, 70+ ideas with a little inspiration from a Mission Impossible timer. Just think what you can do in 20-30 minutes. You can check out some of the ideas here.

Idea Harvesting using Q&I (Questions & Ideas)

If you are wondering how we achieved this feat in such a short time, then wonder no longer. Let me introduce Q&I a method created by a MindRising friend & colleague Wiro Kuipers. You can find detailed instructions on the Q&I website, but to get you started  we've created a Q&I quick start guide.

Click on the image to download a printable version

Click on the image to download a printable version

We will explain more about how you can use Q&I over the coming weeks. But to start we suggest you use this to harvest project ideas. Please share videos and photos from your Q&I sessions with us. 

What are kind of project are we creating?

It's critical that you consider just what kind of project you are creating. In order to help you we are releasing another tool the Minimum Viable Entry Canvas (we know it's a bit of a mouthful). Our goal with this is to get the shape of your project out of the teams heads and into something they can use, discuss, discard, experiment and play with.

Click the image to download a printable version

Click the image to download a printable version

The idea is to use the tool to play with ideas for kinds of projects you could do. This is about experimenting with lots of ideas rather than settling on one. We will explain this model in much more detail in future posts. For now let's focus on the Audience and the Big Idea, we'll be focussing on other parts. We suggest that you print out 5-10 copies or even better if you can draw it on flip chart paper (make it big & make it visible) to get the team working.

STEP 1: Pick an idea that grabbed your imagination from the Q&I session and use that to shape the Big Idea.

STEP 2: Remember this is a story. You need to be clear on who your audience is and what they might be interested in.  Who do you think would like this idea? What is interesting? Do you know this or are you guessing? If you are guessing then go and ask!

What about the Minecraft?

  • If you are being provided a hosted Minecraft server then click here for info
  • If you are using your own Minecraft Client/Server you can start by downloading the sample worlds and lesson plans (example GPO lesson plan)  for inspiration 
  • If you are using Minecraft Pocket Edition, first off welcome; we hadn't originally planned for you but we are delighted you are coming on this adventure. We will be providing more info to help you but for now focus on the story.
  • If you are using Minecraft on XBox or Playstation (just like Pocket Edition welcome); we hadn't planned for you but we are delighted you are coming on this adventure. We will be providing more info to help you but for now focus on the story.

And finally. How much time should I plan?

This all depends; based on what we've learned so far a Minimum Viable Entry (i.e. contains a 3 min. video, Minecraft world and a Sway ) can be created in less than 3 hours. That's a fully completed project from idea to submission in 180 minutes. We have teams who have told us they are planning to do just that. Now that we've established the floor the ceiling is up to you. We suggest that as you go through this you focus on always having something you can submit. There's no point leaving any part of this until the last minute.