The 1916 Easter Rising - Carrigaline Educate Together National School - Cork

We created a comic on the iPad using the sets we had built in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This comic was then uploaded to the iTunes Store where it has had over 850 downloads in 9 different countries. The comic tells the entire story of the Rising. 

This is the recreation of Sackville Street created by the children of Multi Class A at Carrigaline Educate Together National School in Cork. This set was built by all of the children but in particular by Calli. We used this set to create a comic telling the story of the 1916 Easter Rising in comic book form. The comic is available to download from iTunes at The comic has currently had over 850 downloads in 9 countries around the world (as far away as Australia).
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Portal to MindRising - St. Augustine's N.S., Clontuskert - Galway

The year was 2016. Sam was out walking in the woods when suddenly he was blinded by a bright light shining from a hole in the ground. He bent down to see what it was and he fell in…
A film adapted from three original stories written by students from St. Augustine's N.S. Clontuskert.

Portal to MindRising by St. Augustine's N.S. Clontuskert Adapted from original stories by Kiwi and Triggy (6th Class) Music- Chaotix - State of Elevation- Royalty Free Music for YouTubers & "The Foggy Dew" on Tin Whistle by Daffodil (5th Class) Minecraft Construction by 5th & 6th Class Screencasting and editing 6th Class Nicknames used in accordance with ICT Policy of St.

What 1916 Looked Like - Ballyleague National School - Roscommon

Our MindRising story is a look into both the 1916 Rising and also what life was like back in 1916 Dublin.
We made our project visual and like telling a story. We focus on major landmarks in Dublin during 1916 and their history. We want people to see this Dublin and compare it to what we see now. 

Music: Claire Hamilton - The Curragh of Kildaire (Album: Wild Irish Rose) DISCLAIMER: music belongs to respective owner and is not owned by me.

The Burning of Cork 1920 - Scoil Cholmcille Blarney St - Cork

In 1920 Cork City was the scene of a devastating fire. As British forces came under attack from rebel bombs and snipers, they sought revenge on the people of Cork. The Black and Tan soldiers gathered bombs and petrol and set fire to Patrick street in Cork. 

Project using MinecraftEdu completed by fourth class. We learned about the burning of Cork in 1921.

A Terrible Beauty is Born - Our Ladys Grove - Dublin

In 1916 Irish men and Irish women came together to fight for the ownership of Ireland. Their revolution was the most important thing to the Irish Nation. Now, with ownership and liberty secured, it is our duty as the Irish People to face our next revolution: The Environment.

MindRising 2016 Jesus and Mary College, Our Lady's Grove

St Clares 1916 Exhibition - St. Clare's Primary School HArolds Cross - Dublin

We chose to create our own 1916 exhibition. We studied many of the important events that took place during Easter Week in 1916 and researched some of the significant sites of the Easter Rising.  We looked at life in 20th Century Dublin and stories about sites of the Easter Rising.

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Connolly Station 2116 - Delgany National School - Wicklow

I chose to do my project on Connolly Station in 2116. I built the station as I imagine it will look in 100 years time. I chose Connolly Station as I love trains and because it is named after James Connolly, one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising. 

Uploaded by sarahrailton on 2016-04-22.

WB Yeats Poem Easter1916 - Individual - Carlow

My story is based on the poem Easter 1916 by WB Yeats. I have chosen the third verse of the poem as it is about things I can make in Minecraft.  

Entry for Mindrising 2016

Glorious Madness - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

Easter Monday 1916, one of the garrison inside the GPO, James O'Neill mans the downstairs windows. The O'Rahilly joins the GPO garrison. Friday, both men along with a few others leave the GPO in what is known as The O'Rahilly's Last Charge, to Moore Street, where The O'Rahilly is shot.

MindRising project video

The Aud - Individual - Limerick

The journey of the Aud to the shores of Ireland.  A view of the submarine Roger Casement and his crew travelled in. A depiction of the Irish countryside and a view of the sunken ship.

The Aud - Dáire Patton

A Terrible Beauty is Born - Kishoge Community College - Dublin

Two boys, Alex and Steve, decide to go on a guided tour of the buildings involved in the 1916 Rising. They are taken back in time to what the buildings looked like in 1916. However, as they visit the GPO, they are transported to Dublin in 2116. The place is deserted. They are alone. What happened? 

Uploaded by KCC History on 2016-04-24.


Republic de Na Tógálaí - Meath

A group of young minecrafters who came together to imagine and build their community in 2016. Lots of learning and fun along the way! What a journey from 1916 to 2116!