What do we need to get started?

MindRising are providing Minecraft EDU Hosted Servers for schools and have provided sample Minecraft worlds for everyone to use.

Option 1: Use our Minecraft EDU Servers (offer for schools only) pre-loaded with content

  1. Access to the internet if you are using the provided servers and to access Sway
  2. PC (minimum 2Gb RAM, Intel i3 Processor) 
  3. Minecraft EDU Client Software 

Option 2: You are already using Minecraft or want to run offline

  1. Download and install the Minecraft samples worlds from here
  2. Install the maps 
    • on your Minecraft Server or 
    • locally load the maps on your Minecraft client 
  3. Download and install Sway (Sway is an online tool but you can download and work offline if you have a Windows 10 device)