Eibhle Kane kilmainham gaol - St Marys College - Derry

I have created a mindrising fly through of kilmainham gaol from past, present and future.

Mindrising Project

The GPO: 1916-2116 - Bracken Educate Together National School - Dublin

Two G.P.O.s were built in parallel: one in the era of 1916 and one in the era of 2116. A teleporter was created to ship between the two buildings.

Uploaded by Luke Cape on 2016-04-25.

How the ducks stopped the war on St. Stephen's Green - St. Brigid's National School - Dublin

Our Mindrising story was inspired by the ceasefire between the rebel & British forces during the Easter Risingto allow Mr. James Kearney, park ranger of St. Stephen's Green to feed the ducks. We used a range of resources including photographs & maps to re-create the area & surrounding buildings.

This video was created by the Technology Titans (aka Ms. Nicola Fay's 5th Class) St Brigid's N.S. Castleknock, Dublin 15 for Mindrising 2016

Ballygiblin National School's 1916-2016 - Ballygiblin N.S. - Cork

This project compares school life in Ballygiblin National School from 1916-2016. The models created show both the "Old" and "New" schools. The "Old" school model shows the Proclamation Day in 1966 and the "New" school model shows the Proclamation Day in 2016.

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Eamonn Ceannt and the Pipers' Club - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

For this MindRising project by Leo and Sorcha we have decided to make The Pipers' Club. The Pipers' Club was founded by Éamonn Ceannt and Sorcha's grandfather was involved in its revival. Sorcha learns the pipes there and plays on the track in the video, for which Leo has built a Minecraft version o

Uploaded by Fearghal Scanlon on 2016-04-20.

GPO 2116 - Rang a 5 - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

This is our vision of GPO in 2116 on the 200th anniversary

Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com

Kells in 2116 - Kells Youthreach - Meath

We wanted to create a Kell's of the future using Minecraft. We did some brainstorming and came up with some predictions for the future. They are recreated in our Minecraft world.

A Minecraft tour of the village created by the Kells Youthreach students

Durrow Rising - Durrow NS, Tullamore, Co.Offaly - Offaly

Our class has set ourselves the task of creating a Mind rising map of what our community looked like 100 years ago, today and how it will look in the future too. We have recreated our locality in minecraft from our past, our present and our future.

Uploaded by David Kelly on 2016-04-24.

Saving our Heritage - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

We built a section of Moore Street in Dublin that many believe should be knocked down. My great-grandmother had a stall there and it also played a part in the 1916 Rising. We want it saved!

Patrick Pearse's house - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

This story shows how Patrick Pearse's house has changed in 200 years

Uploaded by Caoimhe Menezes on 2016-04-24.

Luas and Trams - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

I really liked the old Trams in the GPO World. They made me start thinking about the Luas. I looked up facts about both an compared the two in my Sway. I built the Luas in Minecraft.

The Helga - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

I was inspired by looking at the GPO in Minecraft. I wanted to build the Helga as it caused a lot of damage during the 1916 Rising

Aras an Uachtarain 2116 - Individual - Sligo

I created a vision of how the President of Irelands house will look in 2116

This is my MindRising entry. I decided to make the President's house in 2116. Enjoy!