MindRising 2016 Entries


MindRising 2016 Entries

Portal to MindRising - St. Augustine's NS Clontuskert Galway

The year was 2016. Sam was out walking in the woods when suddenly he was blinded by a bright light shining from a hole in the ground. He bent down to see what it was and he fell in…
A film adapted from three original stories written by students from St. Augustine's N.S. Clontuskert.

Portal to MindRising by St. Augustine's N.S. Clontuskert Adapted from original stories by Kiwi and Triggy (6th Class) Music- Chaotix - State of Elevation- Royalty Free Music for YouTubers & "The Foggy Dew" on Tin Whistle by Daffodil (5th Class) Minecraft Construction by 5th & 6th Class Screencasting and editing 6th Class Nicknames used in accordance with ICT Policy of St.


Our MindRising story is a look into both the 1916 Rising and also what life was like back in 1916 Dublin. We made our project visual and like telling a story. We focus on major landmarks in Dublin during 1916 and their history. We want people to see this Dublin and compare it to what we see now.

Music: Claire Hamilton - The Curragh of Kildaire (Album: Wild Irish Rose) DISCLAIMER: music belongs to respective owner and is not owned by me.

The Burning of Cork 1920 - Blarney St. CBS

In 1920 Cork City was the scene of a devastating fire. As British forces came under attack from rebel bombs and snipers, they sought revenge on the people of Cork. The Black and Tan soldiers gathered bombs and petrol and set fire to Patrick street in Cork. 

Project using MinecraftEdu completed by fourth class. We learned about the burning of Cork in 1921.

mollys diary - Tullykyne NS

hope you like my story about Molly


A Terrible Beauty is Born - Our Ladys Grove

In 1916 Irish men and Irish women came together to fight for the ownership of Ireland. Their revolution was the most important thing to the Irish Nation. Now, with ownership and liberty secured, it is our duty as the Irish People to face our next revolution: The Environment.

MindRising 2016 Jesus and Mary College, Our Lady's Grove

St Clares 1916 Exhibition - St. Clare's Primary School Harolds Cross

We chose to create our own 1916 exhibition. We studied many of the important events that took place during Easter Week in 1916 and researched some of the significant sites of the Easter Rising.  We looked at life in 20th Century Dublin and stories about sites of the Easter Rising.

Connolly Station 2116 - Delgany National School

I chose to do my project on Connolly Station in 2116. I built the station as I imagine it will look in 100 years time. I chose Connolly Station as I love trains and because it is named after James Connolly, one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising. 

Uploaded by sarahrailton on 2016-04-22.

Francis St CBS Multiple Stories - Francis St CBS

This agroup project which shows the execution of Seán Heuston in Kilmainham Gaol in 1916

The Execution of Seán Heuston, May 8th 1916

3 goals in 3 different centuries in Croke Park - OISÍN/Kildare

I wanted to see what Croke Park looked like in 1916, 2016 and 2116, so I built them. When I built them, I decided to score a goal in each one and put it in my video :-)

Uploaded by Oisin McCarthy on 2016-04-17.

WB Yeats Poem Easter1916- MIKEY/Carlow

My story is based on the poem Easter 1916 by WB Yeats. I have chosen the third verse of the poem as it is about things I can make in Minecraft.  

Entry for Mindrising 2016

Jacob's Robot Factory 2116 - Francis St CBS

Is a new rebellion going to happen on the site of the old Jacob's Biscuit Factory, now a robot factory?

Mindrising project by JAckJ

Seán & Owen's G.P.O's - Francis St CBS

Personalised & Modernised G.P.O.s

Minecraft flythrough of Mindrising Projects

Glorious Madness - Scoil Mobhí - Dublin

Easter Monday 1916, one of the garrison inside the GPO, James O'Neill mans the downstairs windows. The O'Rahilly joins the GPO garrison. Friday, both men along with a few others leave the GPO in what is known as The O'Rahilly's Last Charge, to Moore Street, where The O'Rahilly is shot.

MindRising project video

Seven Signatories, Seven Towers, a Severed Vision - Our Ladys Grove - Dublin

This submission looks at the vision of the Seven Signatories for a Republic, and our trajectory in fulfilling their visions. We look withparticular interest at the Ballymun Towers housing project,  named after the 7 heroes, and re-imagine a better world.  

The Towers Of Broken Promises

Balbriggan of the past. - Balbriggan Educate Together National School - Dublin

We have rebuilt the main structures of Balbriggan town in the early 1900s, including Carnegie library, Smith & Co Linen, The Sack of Balbriggan, railway station and cottages. 

Minecraft Mindrising 2016

A Terrible Beauty is Born - Kishoge Community College - Dublin

Two boys, Alex and Steve, decide to go on a guided tour of the buildings involved in the 1916 Rising. They are taken back in time to what the buildings looked like in 1916. However, as they visit the GPO, they are transported to Dublin in 2116. The place is deserted. They are alone. What happened? 

Uploaded by KCC History on 2016-04-24.

Republic de Na Tógálaí - Meath

A group of youngmibectaftets who came together to imagine and build their community in 2016. Lots of learning and fun along the way! What a journey from 1916 to 2116! 



Eibhle Kane kilmainham gaol - St Marys College - Derry

I have created a mindrising fly through of kilmainham gaol from past, present and future.

Mindrising Project

The GPO: 1916-2116 - Bracken Educate Together National School - Dublin

Two G.P.O.s were built in parallel: one in the era of 1916 and one in the era of 2116. A teleporter was created to ship between the two buildings.

Uploaded by Luke Cape on 2016-04-25.

How the ducks stopped the war on St. Stephen's Green - St. Brigid's National School - Dublin

Our Mindrising story was inspired by the ceasefire between the rebel & British forces during the Easter Risingto allow Mr. James Kearney, park ranger of St. Stephen's Green to feed the ducks. We used a range of resources including photographs & maps to re-create the area & surrounding buildings.

This video was created by the Technology Titans (aka Ms. Nicola Fay's 5th Class) St Brigid's N.S. Castleknock, Dublin 15 for Mindrising 2016

Ballygiblin National School's 1916-2016 - Ballygiblin N.S. - Cork

This project compares school life in Ballygiblin National School from 1916-2016. The models created show both the "Old" and "New" schools. The "Old" school model shows the Proclamation Day in 1966 and the "New" school model shows the Proclamation Day in 2016.

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Eamonn Ceannt and the Pipers' Club - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

For this MindRising project by Leo and Sorcha we have decided to make The Pipers' Club. The Pipers' Club was founded by Éamonn Ceannt and Sorcha's grandfather was involved in its revival. Sorcha learns the pipes there and plays on the track in the video, for which Leo has built a Minecraft version o

Uploaded by Fearghal Scanlon on 2016-04-20.

GPO 2116 - Rang a 5 - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

This is our vision of GPO in 2116 on the 200th anniversary

Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com

Kells in 2116 - Kells Youthreach - Meath

We wanted to create a Kell's of the future using Minecraft. We did some brainstorming and came up with some predictions for the future. They are recreated in our Minecraft world.

A Minecraft tour of the village created by the Kells Youthreach students

Durrow Rising - Durrow NS, Tullamore, Co.Offaly - Offaly

Our class has set ourselves the task of creating a Mind rising map of what our community looked like 100 years ago, today and how it will look in the future too. We have recreated our locality in minecraft from our past, our present and our future.

Uploaded by David Kelly on 2016-04-24.

Saving our Heritage - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

We built a section of Moore Street in Dublin that many believe should be knocked down. My great-grandmother had a stall there and it also played a part in the 1916 Rising. We want it saved!

Patrick Pearse's house - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

This story shows how Patrick Pearse's house has changed in 200 years

Uploaded by Caoimhe Menezes on 2016-04-24.

Luas and Trams - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

I really liked the old Trams in the GPO World. They made me start thinking about the Luas. I looked up facts about both an compared the two in my Sway. I built the Luas in Minecraft.

The Helga - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

I was inspired by looking at the GPO in Minecraft. I wanted to build the Helga as it caused a lot of damage during the 1916 Rising

Aras an Uachtarain 2116 - Individual - Sligo

I created a vision of how the President of Irelands house will look in 2116

This is my MindRising entry. I decided to make the President's house in 2116. Enjoy!

MOre Entries

MOre Entries

Our Monaghan - St. Mary's Boys' National School, Monaghan - Monaghan

These are the highlights or Monaghan town. We each chose a favourite part of the town and tried to recreate it in the world of Mine Craft. 

This is the mind rising video for St. Mary's Boys' School Monaghan.
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St Joseph's Boys' Derry 1916 Project - St Joseph's Boys' School Derry - Derry

We recently took part in a cross community project involving a number of other local schools. We looked at some of the issues involved with the Easter Rising and The Battle of The Somme. We worked together to produce a Comic Book and Video role plays of the Rising and The Battle of The |Somme.

Entry to Mindrising project

Scoil Éanna - Gaelcholáiste an Phiarsaigh - Dublin

Dhein an fhoireann an scoil ina raibh Pádraig mac Phiarsaigh mar phríomhoide air i gcomhar 1916.


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Aqudome today and tomorrow - Scoil Eoin, Balloonagh - Kerry

Creating the current day Aquadome in Tralee and designing it for the future in 2016. Both buildings were created in the same world which is just bigger than 10mb when zipped so Orlaith has downloaded world. *Didn't realise video was an important aspect so minecraft main project!

Background to Scoil Eoin Tralee's submission folder on creating present day Aquadome and the Aquadome of 2116

Impressions of Kilmainham Jail - Brackloon NS - Mayo

We decided to highlight some of the main areas of Kilmainham Jail, starting with the reception area where the prisoners would have entered, their cells and the church where Grace Gifford married Joseph Mary Plunkett. You can also see the courtyard where the leaders were brutally executed

Project for 1916 rising only had a month to do it :( But here it is....

The Story of Greystones Harbour - St. Laurences National School - Wicklow

We looked at the history of Greystones Harbour from a small fishing village to a 300 million euro development and created a Minecraft Harbour world based on our wishes for the continued development of the harbour.

NDNSP's futuristic hotel and stadium - North Dublin National School Project - Dublin

5th class worked as a whole group to create an entry for the competition. The video charts the highs and lows of the project, but their resilience and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances was key to the success of the project

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The Model School   1916-2116 - Inchicore NS - Dublin

The Model School Inchicore was built in 1853, we are located just a few minutes walk from Kilmainham Jail. This gave us the inspiration to capture our school in the past, present & future. 


Hollie Harkin Year 9 Future 2116 - St Marys College - Derry

My mindrising project is about the GPO in Dublin and how I think it will look in the future.

Mindrising Project
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Recreating Tallaght Village 1916 - Sacred Heart SNS - Dublin

Our project is based around recreating and rediscovering Tallaght village as it was in the early 20th century. We studied books, maps, blueprints and photographs and went on excursions to learn more. We mapped out and recreated the town and filled it with facts and information we had learned.

Project on Tallaght in 1916, designed and created by children in Mr. Maguire's 3rd class
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O Farrell Park - Mary Mother of Hope SNS - Dublin

The park in Dublin dedicated to Elizabeth O Farrell is not good enough. We wanted to make sure this great lady was remembered properly. We researched Elizabeth and constructed a new park in her honour.

Uploaded by Brendan Curtin on 2016-04-25.
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Harry and Maggie's future world - Individual - Derry

We created a future work where we live near each other in a sustainable fun world

Future world made by Harry (8) & Maggie (7) for Mindrising

Sean S's Build - Francis St CBS - Dublin

A Modern Liberty Hall

Uploaded by CBSFrancisSt on 2016-04-24.

Clayton's Group - Francis St CBS - Dublin

Clayton's Group

Uploaded by CBSFrancisSt on 2016-04-25.

2066 Battle For Freedom - Individual - Carlow

My story is about a Hero named Hokey Chief who has to fight off Alien attackers in Ireland 2066.

Mindrising Entry 2016

A MindRising Project by Conn, Eoghan, Finn, Cormac and James, Rang2 Scoil Mobhi A journey through the GPO, Past, Present and Future - Scoil Mobhi - Dublin

A journey through the GPO, Past, Present and Future

Uploaded by Eoin McDonnell on 2016-04-23.

1916-A MINECRAFT MUSIC MEDLEY - CBS Primary Mitchelstown - Cork

This is a music video that tells the story of the 1916 Rising. We told a little bit about WW1, fighting at the GPO and also a bit about Thomas Kent who is from North Cork. The main song/video is about Grace Gifford and Joseph Plunkett.

Made by pupils from Ms.Herlihy's 3rd,4th and 5th at the CBS Primary Mitchelstown- GPO and Dublin city world built by Mindrising team, Dublin All other sets built in Minecraft by pupils in the CBS Primary 'Óró sé do bheatha abhaile'-Traditional Song Song 'Grace' written by Sean and Frank O' Meara - Sung by pupils at the CBS Primary Accompaniment of 'Grace' played in the style of the 'Wolftones' Accompaniment and recording by Mr. O'Brien With a special thanks to Eileen O'Brien who played the flute.

Kilmainham Gaol in Minecraft - Scoil an Linbh Íosa - Kildare

What we learned on our journey to build Kilmainham Gaol in Minecraft. Incorporating the story of the 1916 executions and the wedding of J.M. Plunkett and Grace Gifford.

Mindrising Project Team Aaron Carmody, Alex Cluskey, Alex Kavanagh, Ciara Deasy-Millar, Conor Kealy, Ella Callow, Ellie O'Reilly, James Byrne, Kerri Ginty, Luke Stafford, Mollie Leacy-Murphy, Nathan Yap and Tristan McKeon.

GPO in Minecraft - Coderdojo Glanmire - Cork

We recreated the GPO in Minecraft along with the Helga, Nelson's Column and the British

For Mindrising 2016
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Croke Park: 1916 - 2116 - St. Patrick's B.N.S. Drumcondra - Dublin

We have created a version of Croke Park which showcases its journey from 1916 to how we imagine it will look in 2116. We have included key information from its history throughout the stadium while also trying to accurately capture the look of the stadium from each era.

Croke Park: The Journey from 1916 to 2116 A Mindrising project entry from Rang a Trí in St. Patrick's B.N.S. Drumcondra You can learn more about our project by asking to viewing our Sway

1916 - Scoil Naomh Muire, Farran - Cork

Some 1916 buildings

Uploaded by naillijlady on 2016-04-25.

Newtown Blues CLG - Into the Future - Newtown Blues CLG - Louth

Our MindRising project, travels to the future. We re-created our current clubhouse to how we hoped it would be in the future

Uploaded by Lauren McGinn on 2016-04-25.

Our village 100 years from now - St. Anne's N.S. Shankill, D18, sixth class Mr. Walsh - Dublin

Our installation aims to predict how our village will look one hundred years into the future

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