Web of Helpers

Web of Helpers


Discover who can help you craft an amazing MindRising story.


  1. Find a space big enough for everyone to stand
  2. Find a time to meet approx. 15-25 mins 
  3. Make sure you have a large drawing surface paper, flipchart, whiteboard (post-its are handy but not necessary


  1.  First draw the web making sure you have at least 3 layers to the web

The Middle - max 7 mins

  1. Write your idea in the middle of the web (use post-its if you have them)
  2. Write the name of each team member around the core idea of the story.
  3. Each person should write down something that they would like to know about the story? Write them as questions

The Inner Circle - max 7 mins

  1. Each person reads all of the questions. Take a moment to think
  2. Each person writes down the names of people who could possibly help answer that question.
    • Draw a circle around each name
    • Draw a line to your name
    • Write your relationship on the line e.g. father, mother, aunt, grandad etc.

The Outer Circle - max 7 mins

  1. Take a moment to think about your inner circle and the people you know that they know e.g. friends, colleagues, acquaintenances etc.
  2. Write down the names in the Outer Circle of people your inner circle can connect you to to ask some more questions
    • Draw a circle around each name
    • Draw a line to the Inner Circle name
    • Write the relationship on the line e.g. friend, colleague

Find Connect and Call

  1. Dot-vote on the people in your web with the most critical information
  2. Write down the key questions (2-3) you would ask them
  3. Write down what you would find out from them