Would you like to win an x-Box? 

MindRising have teamed up with Folens and the release of their wonderful Christmas Sonas and Siamsa Annuals to offer a lucky MindRiser a chance to win an X-Box. To be in with a chance to win, simply complete the Minecraft Word Search in the annual, create something festive in Minecraft, capture and upload your pictures OR a 60sec YouTube video of your Minecraft creation and submit it along with a photo of your completed MindRising word search(Pg 31 of annual).

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MINDRISING X-Box Competition


Rules of Entry Applicable to the MindRising Folens Competition (“Games”) 

The following rules are designed to ensure that the MindRising Games is conducted as fairly and as efficiently as possible and are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of [MindRising]. Infringement of any of the rules listed below may lead to exclusion of schools, groups or individuals from present and/or future participation in the MindRising Games. The decision of the judges in relation to any breach of the rules shall be final. Participants who have registered for and submitted an entry before the closing date will hereby be referred to as “the entrant”.

1. General rules

1.1 The MindRising Games is organised by [MindRising] whose decision on all matters relating to the “Games” will be final.

1.2. Entry is free to the competition for all Entrants described in rules.

1.3 All entries must be submitted at Each Entrant must prepare a 60 sec minute video in mp4 format of their Minecraft creation & a photo of their completed Folens MindRising Wordsearch from Pg31 of Annual.There are no other ways of entering this other than via The Registering Organization/supervising guardian is responsible for final submissions.

1.3.1 A project will not be considered for judging unless the entrant has complied with 1.3 before the closing date (see 1.4).

1.4 The closing date for receipt of on–line entries is 31st January 2017. Under no circumstances will late entries be accepted.

1.5 Submission is performed by an Authorised Contact on behalf of the entrants and must be over 18 years as of 31st Jan. 2017.  (e.g. school, group or parent/guardian teacher of an individual entrant)

2.0 Entrant Eligibility

Each competitor must have purchased a Folens Annual and completed the tasks listed in 1.3 and be under the age of 18yrs on 31st Jan. 2017.

3.0 Eligible Entries

3.1 Projects that have been entered in other competitions can be accepted as entries to MindRising, provided that this information is stated at time of submission. It is the responsibility of the Entrants to advise MindRising of same. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification of the entry.

3.2 Submission of an entry will not ensure the acceptance of a project for the Games. A panel of screening judges will select the winner.

3.3 The successful entrant will be notified by email using the number provided at submission of entry no later than 6pm Tuesday 28th Feb. 2017.

3.4 By supplying these contact details entrants agree that [MindRising] may contact them for the purpose of communicating and updating them about MindRising Games and MindRising Excite Event.  This also includes [MindRising] suppliers (partners/sponsors) who are employed for the purpose of co-ordinating the MindRising Games and MindRising Excite event.

8.0 Entry Content

8.1 Project content and material will be released  by the creators under a Creative Commons V3.0 License with Attribution ( [MindRising] and MindRising Partners will have the right to use any or all content subject to appropriate attribution for exhibition or publication.

8.2 If students have a project with elements that have commercial potential, it is recommended that you contact [MindRising] to discuss specific licence arrangements.

8.3 Projects that enter subsequent  MindRising competitions will not be accepted unless the project has undergone significant further development. Projects that represent a continuation of previously entered work in a MindRising competition should have a significant amount of new material. Previously presented data must be clearly indicated as such in the final submission.

8.4 The judges reserve the right to withhold awards in the event of projects not reaching a satisfactory standard.

8.5 If a project has not adhered to all the rules and regulations of this competition, the judges have the right to withhold awards or exclude the project at any stage during the judging process.

8.6 The judges’ decision in all matters relating to awards will be final. MindRising sponsors or partners will have no input into the judges’ decisions . agreed

8.7 Entrants must respect copyright with relation to use of content. [MindRising] are not responsible for breaches of copyright in competition entries.

8.8 Entrants can be disqualified by the judges for inappropriate use of copyrighted material.

9.0 Use of data

9.1 [MindRising] USE OF DATA: Personal data which Entrants provide when you enter the MindRising Competition will be used for the purposes of 1) Administering the competition 2) Educational research in collaboration with our sponsors and partners.

9.2 Personal data will not be used for marketing activities without prior permission and consent.

9.3 Personal data children names – children will be referred to by first name or Minecraft alias only in all published content.

9.4 Parental consent for use of images of children will be sought from the Registering Organization at the time of submission.

10 Prize

10.1 Prizes are as stated and are not transferable or redeemable for cash value.

10.2 [MindRising] reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.

11. Print photography and film

11.1. MindRising will commission a photographer & videographer to take photographs & video of MindRising events (including but not limited to MindRising Launch event, MindRising Excite Event). [MindRising] retains the right to use any photograph or video taken of participants in any MindRising event.

11.2. Such photographs or videos may be used on the MindRising website, MindRising Media partner websites and for [MindRising] marketing purposes, without media, time, use or geographic limitation. Note [MindRising] is under no obligation to make use of any photographs or videostaken.

11.3. [MindRising] also retains the right to publish information in regards to all projects entered into the MindRising Games and MindRising Excite Event and content generated at the MindRising Launch event. Information relating to projects may be used on the website, MindRising (sponsors, partners and media partners) and for MindRising marketing purposes, without media, time, use or geographic limitation.

12 These Terms and Conditions (and any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or their enforceability) and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts. Please note however that your use of the prize may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions (if any) will be notified to you separately upon your receipt of the prize.

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13 Glossary of Terms



MindRising Games

MindRising Games includes competitions and projects organised by the MindRising team.

MindRising Excite

MindRising Excite is an event to be hosted in St.Pats College Drumcondra on 25/26 May 2016


MindRising are the sponsor of the MindRising Games and MindRising Excite

MindRising Sponsors

MindRising sponsors provide financial support and prizes to the promoter

MindRising Partners

MindRising Partners are providing non-financial support to MindRising in the areas of promotion, content, educational alignment, premises

MindRising Media Partner

MindRising Media Partners are providing media coverage and content to MindRising


Entrant describes a team or individual entering the competition.


Team describes a group of 3-7 members entering a competition


Group describes a non-school organization entering registering for MindRising

Individual Entrant

Describes an individual entrant (child) supported by a parent, guardian or teacher

Registering Organization

Describes the organization registering for MindRising and able to submit entries

Authorised Contact

Describes a person in a school or group, authorised to act on behalf of and register a school or group that must be over the age of 18 on 31st Jan. 2017.

International Entrant

Describes any entrant not normally resident on the Island of Ireland and subject to the eligibility requirements.


Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.

Minecraft Server

Multiplayer server software for MineCraft

Minecraft EDU Server

Multiplayer server software for MineCraft focused on education and provided by

Minecraft Client

The client is the program installed to play Minecraft

Minecraft EDU Client

The client is the program installed to play Minecraft focused on education and provided by

Qualified Project

A project selected by the judges to advance to MindRising Excite


A person involved in the selection and adjudication of MindRising entry

Creative Commons Licence V3.0 with Attribution

This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original.

MindRising Company Information

[MindRising] references to [MindRising], [MindRising Games], [MindRising Excite] refers to the activities of MindRising Ltd (Registered No: 570515) a company registered in Ireland. Directors: Gearod Mac Criosta, Alan Kelly, Secretary: Orlaith Nugent.

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